Monday, 15 May 2017

U left your shadow so what happened

Hi guys this blog about mind freak physics questions
 Ok let's start
Suppose I left my shadow or reflection behind me. Imagine the whole universe
Is a mirror and you are traveling speed of
Light 3l/ps suddenly u cross  speed of light
According the Einstein theory this is impossible cross the light of speed suppose u cross the limit and u left your reflection behind so possibility are occured following these are
1 u will be reach on future
2 your shadow or reflection u r sometimes in a time are equal
3 u r doesn't exist in universe after the cross speed of light means u r hallow in this universe.
4 other possibilities guess in Ur mind
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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

How to live long LIFE in Future With body double

     Guys im  anil i have some futuristic idea about how to live long life so i write all of things to myself read be

In our in hindu religion one line say sharir nashwar hai aur aatma amar hai means Mortal body and immortal

so Why not willing to leave the body bcus one our is destory n gone for this beautiful world 

 Why waste created immortal soul

u people think how is possible every thing is possible ?
 body stand for  our skin or body  our soul stand for our beautiful Memories so Why do not we left our memories to another body 

u know this is time Cloning we have now chicken cloning meat  and this is beginning of cloning 
 I need a device that can remove our memories very carefully our brain to  transfer into  another body of brain  

any body want to work this project plz content me my email id